Leading Global Digital Solutions for Heart Disease Prevention

Our SDK for Apps is revolutionizing heart beat measurement

We transform the everyday smartphone into a real-time cardio diagnostic tool: Measure vital data, analyze personal results and get an in-depth look into the body’s current state. Whether to determine the RSA, pulse rate or heart rate variability (HRV)- we have you covered. All prepared for you in our simple to use cross platform Software Development Kit (SDK).

A selection of our clients

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A Software Development Kit that enriches and elevates

End to End

From stress relief, fitness and medical devices, to insurances and corporate well-being – we operate on every level of the health, fitness and well-being stack.

Essential vital data

We enrich your solution to create a holistic user experience: Using scientific and evidence-based vital data to report relevant cardiovascular input such as RSA, pulse rate, and HRV.

Leverage your solutions

Our SDK leads to a significant rise in your solution’s user interaction. Lift your increment value and qualify leads using our extended set of relevant cardiovascular vital data.

The KENKOU SDK makes vital data measurement accessible for

Everyone. Anytime. Anywhere. Anytime. Anywhere. Everyone.  Anywhere. Everyone. Anytime. 

Created to integrate into your app

KENKOU works across multiple platforms, solutions and technology sources to coherently integrate vital data measurement.

Our top-of-the-class measurement technology is built for end users, innovative cooperators and partnering digital solutions. We provide an SDK (Software Development Kit) for easy integration across a spectrum of use-cases. Whether you are established and looking to expand, developing or looking for innovative partners- KENKOU is your answer to digital vital data measurement.

Our exemplary use case: mobile stress measurement

The Stress Guide App features our innovative measurement, enabling vital data measurement using just the smartphone. Test our top-of-the-class technology to find out just how easily our measurement can be integrated!

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